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    Best comfortable shoes from Amazon

    Best comfortable shoes from Amazon



    Hi Dear friends it's Marco Tricca

    Today we are talking about about comfortable shoes for everyone. As you know elegant and sexy shoes often are not a perfect match for our everyday jobs and trust me when I say I know exactly what I am talking about. I work as Manager for 10 hours shift per day and if I wear the wrong shoes the days after will be hell!!! There is also an health problem attached to wearing wrong shoes for long periods, especially for women that wear high heels, on a long run people get posture disease and pain all around the body that sometime we can't explain. Also we are getting in Autumn and then will be Winter which are perfect seasons for comfortable shoes and getting in shape shoes!
    I did a deep research on this topic and at the end I discovered that there are 2 ways to find your perfect comfortable shoes. Online on Amazon or shoe store near me.


    Shoe stores near me

    Type in Google search for "shoe store near me", you will be surprise to get dozens of result you would never guess. Usually these stores around you are specialized in different brands, you can easily find Zappos Clarks, they are very well priced and the fact that you can drive 10 min and wear the the product before buying it is the best way to be sure of what to get. If traffic in your city is crazy or you live outside of the city center or you work to many hours to have time for shopping, then I suggest to use the other option, my favorite.




    Amazon comfortable shoes 

    Yes my search results are telling me that Amazon has the best and bigger comfortable shoes racks. Considering fast shipping, discounts and most important reviews on every product you can find the best comfortable shoes just using detailed searches on this website. You can use search sentences like: 

    van dyke and bacon, 

    comfort shoes brands, 
    amazon shoes clearance sale, 
    amazon womens shoes clearance, 
    amazon shoes clearance sale.


    These are just few examples, you just type what you need in the search box and you will find hundreds of brands and prices. You can also find a pair of shoes in the store near you, try it and then find them on Amazon. Now the price is probably the most convenient part of using online shopping so at the end you will get the best value for your needs. It depends from your budget what shoes to choose but in general I always trying to don't go too cheap in something I know will make my life better. In managerial jobs like mine it is easy to stand or walk for 6 to 10 hours in role, trust me you don't want get home and be not able to walk anymore or be not able of take care of your family. Yes that's the point, your job, even if you love it, shouldn't take time away from your family or from your life in general. I have put together a list products that I personally like and they should fit a large range of workers, I hope you will enjoy it,
    until the next time
    Marco Tricca    


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    Happy news, you just discovered you will have a baby, when do you need maternity clothes?. But where to start? Where to buy maternity clothes cheap? Few tips on the maternity basics you’ll want to stock up on, what to look for in quality maternity clothes and how to figure out the right size.

    What size maternity clothes to buy

    If you are at the first pregnancy, it’s practically impossible to figure out how your body will change as your pregnancy progresses. Which means it’s trickier to estimate what size maternity clothes you’ll need to buy. Typically, if you’re a size six pre-pregnancy, then you’ll probably be a maternity six. But everyone pregnancy road is different, so you might be a maternity eight or maybe a four. Most of the people says, It’s important to buy what’s comfortable, same as when you’re not pregnant. It has a lot to do with the proportions of someone’s body. keep in mind, not every part of your body is growing at the same rate, so I’d say just ignore the maternity clothing sizing and buy what fits and feels right.”

    Maternity clothing essentials

    When it comes to maternity clothing two main words to consider are “basics” and “essentials.”

    Buy a few stretchy maternity T-shirts in white, gray and black

    Mom Jeans are really practical and good looking.

    It’s a good idea to have a few pairs of leggings. They mold to your body and are hands-down the best option for comfort.

    Invest in comfortable but pretty underwear and a few stylish, supportive bras.

    During your pregnancy you will need a little black dress or two that you feel confident.

    When you will be forward in your pregnancy you will be thankful to have bought an oversize blazer. It’ll keep you looking chic and will fit even as you grow throughout your pregnancy.

    Tips for what to look for in maternity clothes

     Does it stretch? 

    Pay attention to the fabric of the clothes you’re buying, because you don’t know where the weight is going to continue to grow as you move through each trimester.

     Think beyond pregnancy. 

    “It’s really nice when a maternity brand has nursing features built in, If you intend on breastfeeding, invest in maternity clothes that you feel beautiful and feel comfortable in for your nine months and beyond.

    At Amazon they created a Collection only for Maternity Clothing.

    Few suggestions to buy maternity clothes cheap nice and affordable for your pregnancy period:

     "Baby peeking out" New Maternity Shirt specialized for plus size pregnancy clothes

    Funny but very Practical it will follow you for a long period of your pregnancy.  

    Maternity Nursing Top Off for Breastfeeding

    Elegant and form re-shape

    Moms Pregnancy Maternity Breastfeeding Tops

    Until the next article


    Marco Tricca

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    4 Tips to Protect your Pumps, Handbags and Leather goods in general.

    Yellow leather Jacket

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    Dear Friends Marco Tricca here, today I want to share with you my suggestions about how to keep your heels in perfect condition. As you know as Designer I work especially with leather and that's what helped me to discover these 4 tips to keep your shoes and in general every leather product in shape, like for example your handbag or your leather jacket


    How to Protect

    Every time I leave a store where I have just found my perfect fashion peace I have a feeling of excitement but at the same time I have a feeling of fear! Like I want to protect my new pet to keep it forever! I really suggest to use a leather protector as soon as you can before wearing your shoes or suede handbags or your leather jacket. It will help shield your shoes from the natural elements in any part of the world you will wear them. In my studio I use this one, it protect but it doesn't block leather transpiration.

    Soft leather bag 



    If you are a lover of leather like me, you need to take care of it! Leather bags and shoes can loose luster and a simple buffer can keep its light alive true the years. This one doesn't have a specific color associated with the buff, I use it in my studio too, and it is not expensive. Be passioned, well treated leather can last forever!



    Leather Freshener 

    As you know I am a guy, so ladies don't get it personal but, usually the morning after a nice night out, it is easy to discover ugly steins on you leather jacket or purse and unpleasant odors from your high heel pumps. I had to search for a while before to find this very neutral product able to refresh my boots without destroying their leather. VERY IMPORTANT do not use any perfume or any alcohol based product! 

    High heels shoes



    How and where you store your shoes or your handbags it is very important. As you know leather it is sensitive to humidity and other atmospheric agents so, display them, find a shoe rack or a display closet for your purses keeping air flowing, keeping the original shape is the goal. If you miss storage your shoes the original shape can change making your feet or toes very uncomfortable later in the evening. Please girls do not take off your heels half night true, it is not pleasant looking at dirty feet dancing or walking on the boulevard!

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         Ciao  a tutti

         Marco Tricca

    2 Purchases to Get Compliments On: Women Pumps and Messenger bag cross body

    2 Purchases to Get Compliments On: Women Pumps and Messenger bag cross body

    Any Designer for first dresses family components and closest friends, this is actually something that keeps going in time. I've been asked from my girl friend Stefy suggestions about everyday accessories for fun dresses to practical (yet pretty) that were wearable also in light friendly events without spend a fortune to feel in fashion. As usual I took my time to search and to think about it and I came out with 2 items that I think are a must for everyday Woman life:

    Messenger bag cross body

    Article about Messenger bag cross body

    This Messenger bag usually cost around 35 to 50 Dollars, it is very practical with youthful feeling, comes with a variety of colors and it is wearable with almost any outfit.


    I was lucky to get a Super Offer on this bag so I am able to sell it on my store for the Amazing Price of $9.99 Free Shipping



    Gladiator High Heels Women Pumps

    Article about Gladiator High Heels Women Pumps


    These High Heels Pump also are very youthful felling keeping a sensual elegant line that match a huge number of outfits from Blue Jeans to Elegant Dresses. Also they come over with a nice variety of color and they are very comfortable. Line Price about 60 to 80 Dollars.

    Hope you liked my suggestions, and I would like to know what you think in the comments.




    Lingerie with Style, especially Christmas period is beautiful

    Lingerie with Style, especially Christmas period is beautiful

    Especially here in California the weather is so good that you can wear your lingerie with style in an outfit. As usual I remind you to be trendy and not trashy, but yes there are many beautiful outfits to be create with your lingerie that will make men turn for you. The basic is always the same: show the best and hide the worse. To do that you need to choose the right item to wear for your body. For example if you have a nice breast I would go with Lace Bodysuits, they are sexy, they cover enough and you can wear them even with a pair of jeans or with jeans jacket. Also especially Christmas and the end of the year is the best period to wear it.

    Here is my store Lingerie Collection:

    There are so many possibilities to wear Lingerie with Style, you can see few examples in the product's photos,  also for more outfits ideas from VIP here in Beverly Hills please check this Blog out:
    Dress with freedom and knowledge, in doubt ask or check online to get better understanding.
        Marco Tricca