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    Total Fashion Blog — Mens Leather Messenger Bag

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    3 types of bags for men you should have

    mens shoulder bag


    Dear Friends, this is Marco Tricca again,

    To make your experience easier like  shipping, payments and returns, my store now is linked to Amazon. After choosing a product on my website you will be redirect on the Amazon product's page where you can search for even more.

    That said let's go on topic.

    Yes today we are going to talk about "Men Fashion" in particular about men's bags. There are 3 types of bags for men you should have to complete your wardrobe, each one of them has a purpose and each one of them needs to be chosen in the right color and style to match your persona.



    I work in Beverly Hills and I see hundreds of men and women with "briefcases" walking around everyday. I have to say that men need to learn how to choose their bags. First of all get the bag serves to your purpose, I mean we are in 2018 and your briefcase should have at least a pocket for a notebook or tablet, plus more pockets to keep things organized. Then you need to choose a style and a color for your bag, better bags, yes bags otherwise your outfit will be everyday brown or blue to match your bag! Your bag should match your outfit and also your office, in a way that is pleasant to the eyes. In other words: 'If you want to do something do it well!' Here few example of briefcases I suggest, also because I own few of them:


    Polare Men's Sturdy Genuine Leather 16'' Laptop Bag Briefcase Shoulder Bag 

    Men's Sturdy Genuine Leather 16'' "Laptop Bag" Briefcase "Shoulder Bag"



    Augus "Business Travel Briefcase" Genuine Leather 





    Business "Mens Leather Messenger Shoulder Bag"

    Usually this are genuine leather bags, stylish and loyal companion for your everyday life. Messenger shoulder bag is a great present for a birthday, anniversary, valentine's day, Father's Day, Christmas but most important it is very useful. Light weight with a lot space to carry everything you need even a tablet and most important this bag is very stylish. You can wear shoulder bag with classic or sportive outfits and look always very elegant.


    Mens Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag





    "Mens Overnight Bags" 

    If you like to go out of town for weekends or if you travel for work and stay over night, you don't want to travel to heavy, I never do! Next bag it is in style and super useful even for medium length traveling, it works also as carry on bag. There are different material to make this bag gorgeous, anyways lighter is always better. Remember guys everyone is looking how you dress, your outfit tells people who you are always!


    Canvas Duffle Bag Oversized Overnight Bags for Men 




    Every product I share has been chosen by myself to complete different outfits style, you are free to experiment different styles and different combinations, 

    Stay in Style