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    When you are in the market to buy a leather HANDBAG for yourself, you see many different kinds of Bags being sold in the name of leather. 
    Of course there are Handbags that are made from animal skin but there are also many other materials that look like leather but are actually not leather. 
    One such synthetic leather or artificial leather is the PU leather. 
    There is a lot of difference between real leather and PU leather and that’s what we are going to talk about today.
    Leather Bags make up an integral part of women’s or men’s accessories and one can see a few of them dangling inside the wardrobe of any young girl or guy who is fashion conscious. 
    If you are in the market buying leather bags for your use, you can be overwhelmed by the sheer number of companies and their wide range of products in the name of leather. 
    Pure leather is obtained by the treatment of animal hide. Hide is actually animal skin that undergoes chemical treatment to make it suitable for the use of human beings. There are many animal whose skin is used to make leather products with cows and lamb being the most common. 
    Exotic Leather like Crocodile and Snake skin is also used to make leather Bags, Wallets and Phone Cases and other leather products.  Handbags are no exception and you can find a huge price difference even in pure leather bags because of the animal whose skin has been used to make the purse. 
    What is PU leather after all? 
    Talking about PU leather, it happens to be one of the several types of artificial leather that is available in the market. Whenever you see a briefcase or handbag with the label saying PU leather, you can straight away know that it is not a genuine leather but a bag made from synthetic leather or a material that has been created in a lab. In some cases, PU leather may be made using split leather that is combined with polyurethane and then pasted on to a surface. Despite being totally different from genuine leather, there are many similarities between the two causing confusion to those who cannot spot the difference. 
    If you are desirous of leather accessories, you can go to our store BESTITEM.CO where leather products and PU leather products are divided in different Collections so you don’t get confused, because there is a huge price and quality difference between them.

    Telling the difference between PU and leather through inspection. 
    If you make a comparison between PU leather and pure leather, you would find that PU leather is not only cheaper than pure leather, it also requires very little maintenance such as cleaning and wiping dirt and dust from its surface. While the front of the PU leather looks just like pure leather, you can tell the difference from its back side where you see a cloth that is used to attach the leather like chemical. Another way to tell if it is not pure leather is to check the smoothness of the surface. Leather handbags is grainy as animal skin has scars and spots but PU leather is man made and you will find it almost perfect in texture. As leather is animal skin, you will find pores if you make a close inspection of the surface. 
    Anyway when you buy online you are left at the trustworthy of the Store where you buy your accessories,
    that’s why at BESTITEM.CO we try to be more clear possible.