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    Finding the Best Shoe Repair Locations

    Finding the Best Shoe Repair Locations

    Hi it's Marco Tricca here, today I am going to share an useful article from, if you don't know them I suggest to check them out, amazing resources.

    Original article here: Post from very useful

    Finding the best shoe repair locations is not so difficult after all. Consider this, most people own at least a pair of shoes. With such an enormous amount of shoes walking on our roads and pavements, you would naturally expect there to be a number of shoe repair outlets near you. You can also get your shoes repaired online. Well, you are probably wondering how the Internet can repair shoes. As you will shortly learn, it is very simple. All you are required to do is find an online shoe repairer through a web search. Fill in the provided form, pack your shoes and ship them off to the repairer.

    Another way involves finding brick and mortar shoe repair outlets. To find out where they are located, you can check through the official yellow pages. Look under shoe repair category and you will see them. Narrow down your search to outlets within your locality. These days, yellow pages have gone online. No need to flip through pages before you can find the desired entry. There are also other online directories that can help you get a place to have your shoes repaired. You could also find out from the retail outlet where you bought your last pair the nearest place to take shoes for repair.

    Shoes are some of the most important accessories you can put on. They complement your dress or suit. On top of that, shoes make you look more beautiful or handsome. With your shoes on you can cut the image of a business executive, someone heading to the club or a person taking a leisurely walk. The most crucial aspect about shoes is that they protect your feet from thorns, sharp stones and other rough surfaces that would hinder walking. Shoes hedge your feet from injuries and enable you to walk comfortably. That is why you need to take good care of them.

    When you set out in a quest for finding the best shoe repair locations, there are a number of things you should bear in mind:

    Proximity to your home
    The repair shop should be as near as possible to where you live. In case your shoes get torn or the soles start wearing off, the repair man should only be a few blocks away. If not, it should be at a place you can conveniently reach, drop the shoes and pick them up when they are ready.......

    Keep reading here: Post from very useful

    3 types of bags for men you should have

    mens shoulder bag


    Dear Friends, this is Marco Tricca again,

    To make your experience easier like  shipping, payments and returns, my store now is linked to Amazon. After choosing a product on my website you will be redirect on the Amazon product's page where you can search for even more.

    That said let's go on topic.

    Yes today we are going to talk about "Men Fashion" in particular about men's bags. There are 3 types of bags for men you should have to complete your wardrobe, each one of them has a purpose and each one of them needs to be chosen in the right color and style to match your persona.



    I work in Beverly Hills and I see hundreds of men and women with "briefcases" walking around everyday. I have to say that men need to learn how to choose their bags. First of all get the bag serves to your purpose, I mean we are in 2018 and your briefcase should have at least a pocket for a notebook or tablet, plus more pockets to keep things organized. Then you need to choose a style and a color for your bag, better bags, yes bags otherwise your outfit will be everyday brown or blue to match your bag! Your bag should match your outfit and also your office, in a way that is pleasant to the eyes. In other words: 'If you want to do something do it well!' Here few example of briefcases I suggest, also because I own few of them:


    Polare Men's Sturdy Genuine Leather 16'' Laptop Bag Briefcase Shoulder Bag 

    Men's Sturdy Genuine Leather 16'' "Laptop Bag" Briefcase "Shoulder Bag"



    Augus "Business Travel Briefcase" Genuine Leather 





    Business "Mens Leather Messenger Shoulder Bag"

    Usually this are genuine leather bags, stylish and loyal companion for your everyday life. Messenger shoulder bag is a great present for a birthday, anniversary, valentine's day, Father's Day, Christmas but most important it is very useful. Light weight with a lot space to carry everything you need even a tablet and most important this bag is very stylish. You can wear shoulder bag with classic or sportive outfits and look always very elegant.


    Mens Genuine Leather Shoulder Bag





    "Mens Overnight Bags" 

    If you like to go out of town for weekends or if you travel for work and stay over night, you don't want to travel to heavy, I never do! Next bag it is in style and super useful even for medium length traveling, it works also as carry on bag. There are different material to make this bag gorgeous, anyways lighter is always better. Remember guys everyone is looking how you dress, your outfit tells people who you are always!


    Canvas Duffle Bag Oversized Overnight Bags for Men 




    Every product I share has been chosen by myself to complete different outfits style, you are free to experiment different styles and different combinations, 

    Stay in Style



    Best comfortable shoes from Amazon

    Best comfortable shoes from Amazon



    Hi Dear friends it's Marco Tricca

    Today we are talking about about comfortable shoes for everyone. As you know elegant and sexy shoes often are not a perfect match for our everyday jobs and trust me when I say I know exactly what I am talking about. I work as Manager for 10 hours shift per day and if I wear the wrong shoes the days after will be hell!!! There is also an health problem attached to wearing wrong shoes for long periods, especially for women that wear high heels, on a long run people get posture disease and pain all around the body that sometime we can't explain. Also we are getting in Autumn and then will be Winter which are perfect seasons for comfortable shoes and getting in shape shoes!
    I did a deep research on this topic and at the end I discovered that there are 2 ways to find your perfect comfortable shoes. Online on Amazon or shoe store near me.


    Shoe stores near me

    Type in Google search for "shoe store near me", you will be surprise to get dozens of result you would never guess. Usually these stores around you are specialized in different brands, you can easily find Zappos Clarks, they are very well priced and the fact that you can drive 10 min and wear the the product before buying it is the best way to be sure of what to get. If traffic in your city is crazy or you live outside of the city center or you work to many hours to have time for shopping, then I suggest to use the other option, my favorite.




    Amazon comfortable shoes 

    Yes my search results are telling me that Amazon has the best and bigger comfortable shoes racks. Considering fast shipping, discounts and most important reviews on every product you can find the best comfortable shoes just using detailed searches on this website. You can use search sentences like: 

    van dyke and bacon, 

    comfort shoes brands, 
    amazon shoes clearance sale, 
    amazon womens shoes clearance, 
    amazon shoes clearance sale.


    These are just few examples, you just type what you need in the search box and you will find hundreds of brands and prices. You can also find a pair of shoes in the store near you, try it and then find them on Amazon. Now the price is probably the most convenient part of using online shopping so at the end you will get the best value for your needs. It depends from your budget what shoes to choose but in general I always trying to don't go too cheap in something I know will make my life better. In managerial jobs like mine it is easy to stand or walk for 6 to 10 hours in role, trust me you don't want get home and be not able to walk anymore or be not able of take care of your family. Yes that's the point, your job, even if you love it, shouldn't take time away from your family or from your life in general. I have put together a list products that I personally like and they should fit a large range of workers, I hope you will enjoy it,
    until the next time
    Marco Tricca    


    Please shares and Comments are Welcome

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    3 Best Affordable Handbags 2017-2018

    Graffiti bag

    Hi dear friends, Marco Tricca here.

    Today I want to share with you 3 Best Affordable Handbags 2017-2018 that I have selected to sell in my store. These bags are also having a great success as best handbags 2018, I think because they are so practical, chic and affordable.

    Kipling Kichirou Printed Lunch Bag One Size Graffiti Waves

    One of my favorite handbag in my store.

    This Graffiti shoulder bag is fun, colorful and elegant at the same time, medium size allow to carry all the necessary "women tools".

    This cheap handbag that look expensive require a little study about the outfit you are going to wear, because the bag it is already little bit loud you do not want overdress. Even a pair of nice jeans will be ok to give to this bag the right spot on your person and trust me you will be asked the most amazing question: "Scuse me were did you buy this?"

    Here it is:

    Get yours here







    Satchel Handbags Shoulder Bag 

    Beautiful Everyday Shoulder Bag, something you really need in your closet.


    Affordable Handbag goes well with a huge variety of Outfits, from a pair of Shorts to Evening Dress, High Heels and flat shoes...... Also you can be any age, it will be a perfect companion, very practical and elegant.

    My favorite is the pink one

    Get yours here






    Prada Women's Micro Cashier Handbag Black

    This shoulder bag it's very light in weight and as that young feeling needed to give an outfit a breath of fresh air.

    Small but still capable to carry every need of yours, different color to serve any fashion trends you want to follow and also very affordable.

    This is a PRADA's Affordable Handbags


    Here it is:

    Get yours here


    Article about 3 best affordable handbags 2017




    Please do not hesitate to comment, to share and ask questions,

    Ciao a tutti 

    Marco Tricca






    Happy news, you just discovered you will have a baby, when do you need maternity clothes?. But where to start? Where to buy maternity clothes cheap? Few tips on the maternity basics you’ll want to stock up on, what to look for in quality maternity clothes and how to figure out the right size.

    What size maternity clothes to buy

    If you are at the first pregnancy, it’s practically impossible to figure out how your body will change as your pregnancy progresses. Which means it’s trickier to estimate what size maternity clothes you’ll need to buy. Typically, if you’re a size six pre-pregnancy, then you’ll probably be a maternity six. But everyone pregnancy road is different, so you might be a maternity eight or maybe a four. Most of the people says, It’s important to buy what’s comfortable, same as when you’re not pregnant. It has a lot to do with the proportions of someone’s body. keep in mind, not every part of your body is growing at the same rate, so I’d say just ignore the maternity clothing sizing and buy what fits and feels right.”

    Maternity clothing essentials

    When it comes to maternity clothing two main words to consider are “basics” and “essentials.”

    Buy a few stretchy maternity T-shirts in white, gray and black

    Mom Jeans are really practical and good looking.

    It’s a good idea to have a few pairs of leggings. They mold to your body and are hands-down the best option for comfort.

    Invest in comfortable but pretty underwear and a few stylish, supportive bras.

    During your pregnancy you will need a little black dress or two that you feel confident.

    When you will be forward in your pregnancy you will be thankful to have bought an oversize blazer. It’ll keep you looking chic and will fit even as you grow throughout your pregnancy.

    Tips for what to look for in maternity clothes

     Does it stretch? 

    Pay attention to the fabric of the clothes you’re buying, because you don’t know where the weight is going to continue to grow as you move through each trimester.

     Think beyond pregnancy. 

    “It’s really nice when a maternity brand has nursing features built in, If you intend on breastfeeding, invest in maternity clothes that you feel beautiful and feel comfortable in for your nine months and beyond.

    At Amazon they created a Collection only for Maternity Clothing.

    Few suggestions to buy maternity clothes cheap nice and affordable for your pregnancy period:

     "Baby peeking out" New Maternity Shirt specialized for plus size pregnancy clothes

    Funny but very Practical it will follow you for a long period of your pregnancy.  

    Maternity Nursing Top Off for Breastfeeding

    Elegant and form re-shape

    Moms Pregnancy Maternity Breastfeeding Tops

    Until the next article


    Marco Tricca

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