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    When it comes to making a statement with fashion, and being able to get all your fashion accessories in one place, then by Marco Tricca is your place of choice. High flying individuals that have an understanding of haute couture will find to be the missing link they have been searching for to fulfill their fashion needs.

    When it comes to leather handbags for ladies, clutch wallets, ladies bags, briefcases, shoes, lingerie, and other beautiful items of fashion, is your number one online store to find what you need. is owned by Marco Tricca, a fashionista designer of haute couture. You can find these designs on at a discounted price. Shopping at is a most thrilling experience as we ship items to any location you desire.

     So if you are desirous of being fashion compatible at all time, whether you are on the move internationally across countries or just moving from one event to the other, all you need to do to get that fashion accessory you desire delivered to you is to visit our online store and make your order. We will have your preferred items shipped to you in record time.

    Bestitem has been founded from handbags designer Marco Tricca, he is italian living in Beverly Hills, CA. You can find Marco Tricca Handbags brand in the store, handmade to order.

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    Marco Tricca